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From toll free calls that terminate on standard business lines to high capacity IP pipes, Revoxo provides a comprehensive set of toll free service options to businesses of any size. Revoxo toll free service includes optional extended coverage from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S Virgin Islands and Canada.

Our toll free origination services carry traffic originated by VoIP, cable, wireless, and traditional landlines. Our best-in-class services are driven by a fully redundant core, distributed across all of our switching sites throughout the country. The Revoxo network is engineered for carrier-grade performance with built-in redundancy, including our soft switches, core backbone routers, SS7 signaling lines and re-routing elements. We also support international toll free numbers and international toll free origination.


  • Geographic routing
  • Toll free directory assistance listing
  • Time-of-day, or day-of-week routing
  • Area code routing or blocking
  • Emergency routing for disaster recovery
  • Switched overflow
  • Scalable capacity
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Our Toll Free service provides an access point for customers to easily communicate with your business. By utilizing our Toll Free phone service, your business can drive revenue and deliver transactions. With a variety of 800 and vanity numbers available, our Toll Free service suits your business needs, enabling your business to provide the best service for your customers. Our Toll Free service is the most reliable phone service solution that supports productive customer interaction.

Toll free service is a core component of many successful enterprises. It creates a critical contact point with your customers, delivers quick transactions, efficiently resolves complaints and can be a key revenue driver. Revoxo understands the mission-critical nature of toll free services, and delivers a toll free origination product that matches your enterprise demands.