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Revoxo Standard is a managed “spot-market” product with a focus on price competitiveness. It enables providers to exploit opportunities, even short-term ones, where Revoxo is able to offer lower rates than normally available.

Platinum Routing delivers the best possible wholesale termination service. Platinum provides both the highest quality and most advanced feature set combined with extremely competitive market rates.Our Platinum routes primarily use direct interconnects via Local Network Operators (LNOs), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Regional Network Operator (RNOs):

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Revoxo's Silver routing is for clients who need Quality and also sensitive in lowest rate possibilities . QoS is managed stats wise selecting from LCR .Overflow is sent only to reliable, in-country facilities-based providers. 24x7 Network operations support

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Wholesale DIDs voip

Revoxo provides DIDs in across 20+ countries around the world at competitive prices.
Manage your DIDs directly from your account using our management tool.Type your paragraph here.


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Gold Routing provides the highest QoS at the most competitive market rates. All routes terminate via stable, high-quality providers with ISUP signaling features fully supported across the Revoxo network.
QoS parameters are proactively managed and benchmarked against Revoxo's direct routes and highest retail traffic standards.



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  • No contracts or credit checks
  • Full A-Z rate deck available
  • DIDs available in over 20 countries
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Revoxo Telecom  is an industry leader in prepaid communication and payment services through its Retail division as well as one of the world's largest providers of international voice termination through its Wholesale division. call termination

Revoxo Telecom offers voice termination service levels – Platinum, Gold ,Silver and Standard providing you with an optimal choice between quality and price over any given route.
Leveraging Revoxo's global scale and vast industry knowledge, you will receive not only the best rates in the market but also some of the best account managers in the industry.

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Wholesale VoIP termination

Revoxo provides competitive, affordable, high quality voice termination around the world.
We have three service plans to best meet your company’s needs: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Standard. Type your paragraph here.